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Uniform Review: Further Images!

November 2, 2023

We have finally secured images from our suppliers and if you would like a closer look, we have mannequins displayed in the Uniform Shop and/or Front Office. The significant update for male students is the shirt and for females, it is the skirt AND shirt which can be worn year-round unlike the dress. You would have noticed, looking at the photos from the Carolean end of last term, that ONLY the new shirts have been designed to be worn out in Summer and tucked in during Winter, maintaining the College’s high standard of uniform, dress and personal presentation.

A reminder that this update applies to all incoming Year 7s from 2024 onwards and only the new Uniform items will be available when replacements are required. Once the Year 7s have been fitted, existing students who wish to upgrade can also do so in 2024. If families wish to donate their summer dresses and/or old shirts, this can be facilitated through Uniform Rescue. Further details will be available next year.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal – Community

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