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Uniform Review Update

December 8, 2022

The Uniform Review Committee is almost at the end phase of the design process. A reminder that the three uniform elements that are being updated include the skirt, shirt and jumper and we hope to get students to trial some samples next year for final refinement. Whilst there are no images yet to share, we revealed last term that the skirt will be a darker charcoal skirt with College colours forming stripes, a less transparent white shirt with a teal inside collar and a non-wool darker red jumper. Further to this the skirt will have a front box pleat, the shirt will include teal piping on the sleeves and the jumper a textured knit. Materials of all these uniform items have been chosen for our climate and quality to survive wear and tear. Mr Bormolini, in his end of year parent letter, will remind the community of the timeline and thank you again for your support toward an improved Chisholm uniform.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal – Community

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