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Upcoming Event: Chisholm Day

August 31, 2023

Chisholm Day this year is on Friday 8 September. As per our College tradition, this is a day set aside to celebrate who we are as a Catholic College community, while having some fun and raising valuable funds for various charities that our College supports on an annual basis, including LifeLink, The Vinnies and Wheelchairs for Kids.

Our celebrations begin with a whole school Mass, followed by a fete and concluding with a whole school assembly.

Our fundraising efforts take a variety of forms, namely all students are asked to bring in a $2 donation to collect their ‘Chisholm Day Wrist Band’ and be allowed to take part in the fete/fundraising activities which run through the middle part of the day. Each PCG also nominates and prepares a stall selling food or beverages, or leading in one of the activities during the fete component of the day.

Parents, please help support your children with their PCA’s chosen activity and providing them with the means to participate in some of the many events, activities and treats available on Friday’s Chisholm Day Fete.

Huge thanks to everyone involved.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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