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Year 10 Career Day

June 16, 2022

Last week, our Year 10 students engaged in their career development, listening to a number of guest speakers, exploring what success means and discovering the wide range of study, training and career options ahead of them.

The day also had the students commence their Year 11 subject selection process and submit some draft subject selections for Year 11. We were all impressed with the level of enthusiasm displayed by the students – a very positive sign for their futures.

“Careers Day was informative and interesting. It was good to find out more about potential future careers and finding out about what subjects I needed to excel in my future career. I thought it was a great way to talk to like-minded people and learn more about other jobs including being a fireman or a landscape architect etc”.
Cassandra Scutti

“I found Career Day really helpful, the day started off with guest speakers. This gave us a range of careers for us to do in the future such as an architect or a lawyer. At the end of the day, we attended classes. I found these classes really helpful because now I have a better idea about my subject selections for Year 11”. 
Jessica Callisto

Mr Mark O’Mara & Mrs Simone Firns
Careers Services

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