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Year 10 House Representatives

February 16, 2023

On Wednesday 15 February, the Year 10 cohort gathered to induct the House Representatives listed below.

Year 10 House Representatives

Each student was asked what leadership meant to them and below are some of the responses:

‘To me being a leader means to help others and step up when people need help. Being a leader means to not judge or put down others and to try and help whenever possible no matter who the person asking for help is.’ (Liam Smith 10K1)

‘To me, being a leader is going that extra mile to help and guide others whenever they need.’ (Brianna Kealley 10L2)

The House Representatives were introduced by a friend who highlighted qualities such as: ‘… is very caring and kind-hearted’; ‘… extremely dependable, is very open and can help you if you’re ever struggling to get something accomplished’; ‘…will always do what she thinks is right and try to implement positive change’.

I thank all the students that spoke, Mrs Millimaci for her assistance in presenting the badges and helping prepare the students.

It was great to have so many parents in attendance to watch their child be presented to the College community and receive their badge. I look forward to working with our Year 10 House Representatives in 2023 and congratulate them on their appointment.

Miss Jess Martin

Head of Year 10

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