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Year 10 Into Adulthood Reconnection

June 16, 2022

It has been just over six months since the Year 9s went on the Into Adulthood camp at Manjedal. Last week, the students now in Year 10, went on a Reconnection Day. While the weather was wet and windy to start, it was wonderful for our students to reconnect in PCGs, getting involved in physical challenges as well as sharing stories and reflections.

“Manjedal Reconnection Day was so much fun, it was so nice to connect with the members of my PCG and create stronger relationships. The activity (rock climbing) was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and push myself. Overall, it was an incredible experience which brought so many of us closer together”. 
Cassandra Scutti

“My experience of the Manjedal excursion was very courageous and adventurous to say the least. Even though it was very wet and cold I felt like this excursion brought our PCG closer together. We all bonded well and learnt some things about how to light a fire, how to read a map etc. Doing things like this with the people we see every day is very good to get ourselves out of our comfort zone”. Sofia De Rosa

“I really enjoyed our Manjedal excursion, it was a nice way to relax after exams and to also reflect back on Year 9 camp. The day was really fun, we got to do a bunch of activities, but my favourite part of the day was crate stacking. It was also great because I got to hang out with my friends in my PCG”. – Jessica Callisto

Mrs Zoe Clements
Head of Year 10

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