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Year 10 Italian: Exploring La Dolce Vita in Fremantle

June 22, 2023

On Wednesday 14 June, the Year 10 Italian students embarked on a journey of discovery and immersion into the coastal city of Fremantle with the aim of highlighting the profound influences of Italian language, culture and heritage.

One of the highlights of the excursion was the opportunity to meet and interview the Mayor of Fremantle, Hannah Fitzhardinge. Mayor Fitzhardinge eloquently shared her insights into the Italian language and culture. She also demonstrated her Italian language ability in a Q&A session with students.

The students also had the privilege of conversing with Councillor for Beaconsfield Ward, Fedele Carmada, who shed light on the significant contributions made by Italian migrants to the local fishing industry.

As part of their immersion experience, the students were treated to a delectable culinary luncheon at Parlapa, a renowned Italian trattoria in Fremantle. They savoured the flavours of homemade Italian pasta, skilfully prepared by co-owner, Ada Guglielmino’s talented husband Giorgio.

The excursion also included visits to prominent landmarks. The iconic Fisherman’s Monument and the statue of Pietro Giacomo Porcelli located in Kings Square by Greg James, highlighted artistic works left behind by Italian settlers, reminding students of these enduring legacies.

A particularly touching moment for the students came during their visit to the Welcome Walls at Victoria Quay. Here, some embarked on a personal journey, tracing the names of their grandparents and great-grandparents who had made the courageous journey by sea to Western Australia.

The Year 10 Italian excursion to Fremantle was a meaningful experience.

Mr John Rovedatti
Italian Teacher

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