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Year 10 River Cruise

November 3, 2022

Our Year 10 cohort got their dancing shoes on last Friday for the social event of the year – the annual River Cruise! More than 250 students, all of whom were dressed to impress, gathered at Barrack Street Jetty to board the boat. Once on board, attention turned to the outdoor deck where beautiful views of the city skyline were taken in. As the cruise journeyed down the Swan River, the dance floor was filled with some amazing moves and everyone made sure to visit the ever-popular photo booth to capture some fantastic memories of the night. It truly proved to be a great night on the water!

Special thanks must go to the Year 10 PCAs and the crew of Captain Cook Cruises who helped make this night one that the Year 10 students will long remember.

Below is a report from the students of 10L1:

“Last Friday night the Year 10 cohort stepped out for the evening on the annual River Cruise. Dressed in their finest and all looking sensational, they happily boarded Captain Cook Cruises and embarked on a night of singing and dancing. Many laughs were had in and around the photo booth, bridge passings were celebrated, passers-by were greeted with cheers and phones were at the ready for every joyous moment to be recorded. New dance moves were discovered and shared with the awesome Year 10 PCAs and more than a few vocal cords were strained while belting out the tunes.

All in all, a wonderful night was had by all and many memories were made.

Thank you to Mrs Firns for organising such a special event.”

Mrs Simone Firns
Acting Head of Year 10

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