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Year 11 Swan Valley Local Foods Tour

May 4, 2023

Our excursion on Wednesday took us around to several local food producers in the Swan Valley area, namely Yahava Koffee Works, Windarra Honey, Swan Valley Station, Pasta in the Valley and the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

At our first destination, Yahava, we learnt about different blends of coffee and how it affects the overall taste and even got to try some of their famous Black Gold and Romeo coffee. Our personal favourite was the iced coffee, which was also popular among our peers.

Our next stop was Windarra Honey. There, we learnt about how the bees were kept and how they produced the honey and pollen, before trying a range of honey from different types of plants, all of which had different but equally delicious flavours! We also got to say “hi” to the cows!

The third producer of the day was the Swan Valley Station which has a marron farm. We looked at the different animals at the farm and walked to the marron lake. We then stopped for lunch at Pasta in the Valley. We were served garlic bread, pizzas, different types of pastas and gelato, all of which were very tasty! Our final stop took us to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, where we all took advantage of the free samples. In our opinion, the milk chocolate was the best.

This excursion was an amazing opportunity to learn all about the wonderful local food we produce here in the Swan Valley, as well as the importance of supporting these producers.

Asha Greer & Ella Bradbrook
Year 11 Food Science and Technology

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