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Year 11 Geography ATAR Field Trip

August 26, 2022

On Wednesday 24 August, the Year 11 Geography ATAR class went on a field trip to Guildford and the Swan Valley. The day started with a look around the Cradle of the Colony exhibition in the Swan Valley Visitor’s Centre. Here students learnt about the beginnings of viticulture in the Swan Valley in 1829. We then had a guided tour of the historical Guildford Gaol and Taylor’s Cottage.

Our next stop was Upper Reach Winery. We had a guided tour from the owner, Laura, and her dog, Indi. Students were given a behind the scenes tour to see how wine was produced, aged and bottled. It was a great day for students to consolidate their learning about the geography and production of wine with some hands-on experience in the Swan District.  

Miss Jessica Varady
Geography Teacher

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