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Year 11 Geography ATAR Field Trip

March 17, 2022

On Monday 14 March, the Year 11 Geography ATAR class went on a field trip to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Mundaring.

Students have been studying the causes, spread and impacts of bushfires as natural hazards this term and this field trip was a great way for them to consolidate their learning. The students did a lot of practical work, including measuring tree canopy, scorch marks, fuel load depth and slope and how these would determine the spread of a bushfire in this area. 

They evaluated the risk factor of buildings in the Discovery Centre based on the building materials, proximity to shrubbery and risk of embers getting under the buildings. They finished the day mapping the Sawyer Valley fire of 2018 which was started by arsonists.

It was a great day for students to get some hands-on experience.

Miss Jessica Varady
Geography Teacher

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