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Year 11 Pastoral Care Retreat

March 10, 2023

Friday 3 March was set aside for the 2023 Year 11 Pastoral Care Retreat. As a year group and to a person, they were incredibly impressive. Their respect, participation, contribution and expressed joy on the day was outstanding. The theme for our day, “Contribution for Christ” is the Year Group Theme for our Year 11s. This theme points to their growing responsibility as young adult Christians, now aware of the Gospel values and Christ’s example, to contribute to the Christian mission in our world, to love and to share the Good News.

They were joined by their Pastoral Care Advisors and the Youth Mission Team in the day.  The day began with a Eucharistic celebration led by Fr Zyggy and assisted by Year 11 Chisholm Ministers. Games, skits, laughs, sharing and prayer characterised the rest of the day.

Thank you to everyone involved in the day, especially our Year 11 PCAs, Mrs Mohen (Head of Year 11), Mrs Flower, Mrs Tammy Nguyen and Sister Chau for their assistance and support.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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