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Year 11 Visual Art ATAR Incursion

February 8, 2024

On Monday, the Year 11 Visual Art ATAR students participated in an enriching incursion featuring local artist Rachelle Dusting. Rachelle is renowned for her expertise in oil portrait paintings and conducted a masterclass imparting both foundational and technical skills.

The incursion commenced with a valuable insight to the artist journey that Rachelle undertook. The Year 11s then actively participated in practical explorations of oil painting, under Rachelle’s guidance and encouragement. The students delved into practising realism painting, implementing the use of full tonal ranges and appropriate temperature in colour mixing.

The students feedback was resoundingly positive, emphasising the abundance of skills learnt and their eagerness to apply such skills to the upcoming oil portrait painting unit. This opportunity marked significant progression in the development of the Year 11s individual artistic approaches and technical painting skills.

Ms Erika Hadfield
Visual Art Teacher

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