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Year 12 Excursion to the Zoo

July 19, 2021

On Thursday 24 June, Year 12 Human Biology and Biology students were able to enjoy an amazing day at Perth Zoo. Thanks to the interactive lecture given by Heather, we were able to learn about our common ancestors, the great apes. Observing the Biology of our close relatives – orangutangs, monkeys and lemurs we were able to enrich ourselves in the changes evolution brought, and how this led to why we humans are as we are today. Although the focus was on primates, we also had the opportunity to observe the diverse range of animals that the Zoo has to offer. Memorable animals included the 4m crocodile, the Sumatran tiger and the slow loris! With great weather, the day spent off-campus gave us a day of productive learning but also a memorable experience with our peers.

Samantha Joewono

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