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Year 12 Geography ATAR Perth Fieldwork Excursion

August 11, 2022

On Tuesday 2 August, the Year 12 Geography ATAR students completed fieldwork throughout the Perth Metropolitan area.

First stop was Ellenbrook, a suburb classed as a satellite community of Perth and also within the Newer Growth Zone. Students observed the pattern of roads, appearance and spacing of the houses, as well as looking at the site of the much-anticipated Ellenbrook train station.

We then went to Red Hill Waste Management Facility where students were able to understand the challenge of waste management in Perth and the strategies being used to manage the issue. They saw FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) waste from the Town of Bassendean and the City of Bayswater and learned that a land fill cell costs $3 million to build but can be filled in two years or less. Policies such as FOGO and Containers For Change are helping to extend the life of landfill cells in Perth, as we have the highest rate of waste generation per capita in the country.

We then went to Perth CBD where students had lunch before completing a land use transect of Hay Street Mall. We also looked at agglomeration of various land use functions and vertical land use zoning along St George’s Terrace.

Mrs Laura Billington
Humanities Teacher

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