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Year 12 Geography Fieldtrip

August 5, 2021

On Monday 2 August, the Year 12 Geography ATAR students went on a fieldtrip around Perth to explore the functional zones and the different processes that have occurred to make up Perth’s internal morphology. We started the day in Armadale to see the new residential area that is being built at Wungong Urban. From there we journeyed to East Perth, driving through the rural urban fringe before having morning tea. Driving through the Forrestfield industrial zone enabled us to understand better, the division of the metropolitan area into ‘working’ zones.

East Perth is an example of an urban renewal project. Here, we got off the bus and viewed the area that has changed from a polluted and rundown area to a desirable area with apartments, cafes and office buildings. After East Perth, we visited the Perth Central Business District (CBD) to have a lunch break and review the activities that occur within it. With the sun finally shining (after days of storms and wintery conditions) we visited Kings Park. Sitting along the park edge, we drew a sketch map of the picturesque landscape of Perth City, Swan River, Darling Range Escarpment and adjacent roads. Our fieldtrip ended with a drive through the residential area of Mount Lawley and Inglewood before returning back to school.

The excursion was a fantastic way to broaden our understanding of the functional zones and the infrastructure of Perth.

By Year 12 students Kristen Pracilio, Chelsea Borg and Brianna Tubbs

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