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Year 12 Graduation Day

October 27, 2022

Graduation Breakfast

On Friday 21 October, the Year 12 Students, together with their PCAs, gathered for the annual Graduation Breakfast. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful morning spending time together. The morning was filled with delicious food, fun awards and the sharing of many precious memories. It was a beautiful morning that the Year 12 students and their PCAs will long remember.

Graduation Ceremony

The Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony was held in the Brother Olly Picket Recreation Centre. The evening saw all the Year 12 students, along with their families, gather to celebrate the completion of their secondary education. The ceremony commenced with a beautiful Mass of thanksgiving and was followed by the traditional distribution of the Graduation Certificates and the College Memento.

The Dominic Guzman and Edmund Rice Awards were also presented during the Ceremony.

The Dominic Guzman Medal is awarded to the student who has scored the closest to all ‘A’ Grades during the six years they have been at Chisholm. This year’s recipient completed 56 courses of work and achieved an amazing 53 ‘A’ grades. This year’s winner was Raphael Martino.

The Edmund Rice Medal is awarded to students who have achieved the highest rating in all attributes that measure work attitudes and habits from Year 7 to Year 12. The Edmund Rice Medal winners were:

Olivia  Aves  

Isabelle Hughes     

Teagan Middleton

Maria Biju

Eloise Lambert

Alyssa Mucciarone

Isabel Campione

Ermilio Lomma

Ace Nguyen

Khami Dang

Ruby Luna

Sam Nguyen

Reyse Daniels

Mimi Ma

Jessica Pellegrini

Sasha Forbes

Raphael Martino

Rafael Skellett

After the ceremony the Year 12 Students and their families were treated to a delightful supper where they continued the celebrations and shared many wonderful memories of their time at Chisholm. It was truly a memorable evening for all the Year 12 families and one they will treasure forever. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Mr Anthony Palmer
Head of Year 12

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