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Year 12 Pastoral Care Retreat

July 28, 2022

On Monday our Year 12 students gathered early with pillows, sleeping bags and all else they’d need for two days away together, on an adventure – their Year 12 Retreat.

We began with a lovely Mass in our Chapel before boarding the buses for the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Our Year 12 Pastoral Care Advisors principally led our Retreat sessions which had been pre-prepared in consultation with former Head Boy and long-term Chisholm Retreat Guru, Ronan McGuinness.

Our Retreat sessions included topics that saw students contemplate the power of our words, the many gifts we have been given, the significance of our belonging to communities in our life, the importance of gratitude and the joy of listening. As well as those formal sessions, students participated in the writing of affirmation notes to each other, team building challenges, a suitably competitive and fun Quiz Night. They feasted on generous servings of good food throughout. The Retreat culminated in both their contribution to their Graduation Artwork and in receiving warm fuzzy envelopes.

I wish to thank all staff involved in the Retreat for their collegiality and generous contribution, care and support. The Year 12s really were in good hands. Finally, to the parents of our Year 12 students, you can be proud of your children who overwhelmingly bought into the Retreat experience with energy, care of one another and big smiles.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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