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Year 12 Religious Education: Pilgrimage

July 28, 2021

Year 12 General classes have been studying the religious practice of Pilgrimage and its significance in the life of a Catholic. As a practical way of experiencing Pilgrimage, classes participated in various activities. One way was walking the replica labyrinth from the Chartes Cathedral set up in our College Chapel. During this experience students were asked to meditate on their life journey whilst walking the labyrinth.

Other classes walked a Camino around the College grounds visiting areas of significance which prompted reflection on their spiritual journey throughout their high school experience. To symbolise they were pilgrims students wore their shell and had their passport stamped at various landmarks in remembrance of their Camino.

For those students choosing not to walk, they experienced the simulation of walking the labyrinth path by tracing their finger along the grooved pathway of a finger labyrinth. Hopefully the self-awareness they have gained through this experience will continue as they travel along the road of life in the future.

Mr John Rovedatti

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