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Year 12 Seminar Day

February 8, 2024

Our Year 12 students began their final year of school on Wednesday 31 January at the RISE in Maylands with our ‘Welcome to Year 12 Seminar Day’. The buzz and anticipation in the room was evident, with students keen to catch up with friends after an extended break from each other. While the temperature soared outside, so did the excitement for what the year may have instore for the year group.

Over the day, the students received presentations relating to WACE, Goal Setting, Resilience and Career Services which provided them with information or tips that will hopefully help them through Year 12. We were fortunate to have outside guest speakers, as well as the wisdom of Mr Randazzo, Mr O’Mara and Mrs Firns, who joined us for parts of the day.

After lunch, staff from the different universities and TAFE visited and students had the opportunity to visit their stall, ask questions and possibly score a freebie. It was great to see students taking an interest and discussing their futures in such a positive manner which will hopefully continue into the rest of the school year.

Miss Jessica Martin
Head of Year 12

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