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Year 7-9 End of Year Programme

December 7, 2023

Our Year 7-9 students have enjoyed an alternative week of learning and exploration to finish their academic year. Students followed an alternative programme that allowed them to explore many curriculum and co-curricular areas that encouraged students to be challenged to learn in creative and engaging ways that are not regularly facilitated in the traditional timetable. All our Learning Areas were involved to offer these experiences to our students and have put much time and effort into developing, coordinating and delivering these engaging, fun and enriching learning opportunities.

Students were actively engaged in real world problems that allowed them to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem or challenge. These activities are important for the students to develop lifelong learning skills such as creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving and communication and discover the place of learning areas in their world.

Mrs Nicole Huggins
Deputy Principal – Excellence

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