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Year 7 Band Open Rehearsal

June 22, 2022

The start of the school year was a tricky one for our Music students. In order to adhere to the newly placed COVID restrictions, we needed to split ensemble rehearsals into smaller groups. This was particularly challenging for our new Year 7 students, who would normally be introduced to weekly rehearsals all together, but instead had to be split into two groups and only attend fortnightly. 

Thankfully, coming into Term 2, we were finally able to bring our Year 7s all together, and what a difference this made to both their sound and their spirits! In our excitement, we wanted to invite the parents of these students to attend an ‘open rehearsal’ so that they could see the amazing progress of their children and the wonderful investment they have put into their music education here at Chisholm Catholic College.

The afternoon was a huge success, demonstrating warm up practices and repertoire the band has been working on throughout the term, as well as introducing a new piece for the band, an arrangement of the main theme from Star Wars!

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who were able to attend, to our senior Music students for their assistance, to our Music staff and to our wonderful Year 7 students for all of their efforts.

Mr Gareth Goerke
Acting Director of Music

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