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Year 7 First Day

February 4, 2022

Monday 31 January saw the first day for Year 7s at Chisholm for 2022. The students coped extremely well with the transition to high school and the challenge of wearing their facemasks. The staff were so impressed with their resilience and positive start to the school year. Their Pastoral Care Advisors, Library staff and Year 11 Peer Support Leaders guided them through the day in setting up lockers and introducing them to life at Chisholm. The students shared lunch with their Peer Support leaders and fostered lots of new friendships.

I would particularly like to thank the Year 7 Pastoral Care Advisors and Mrs Pietropaolo (Deputy Principal of Year 7) for all their efforts in making the students welcome. A special thanks must also go to Mr Williamson and the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders who gave up a day in their school holidays to “train” as peer supporters and then did a wonderful job assisting the Year 7s. Finally, I would like to thank Year 10 Assistant Prefects who cooked lunch for the Year 7s on their first day.

Congratulations Year 7s on a wonderful start to life at Chisholm!

Mr Nic Italiano
Head of Year 7

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