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Year 7 Games Afternoon

August 6, 2021

As part of the Transition Programme at Chisholm, our Student Community Relations Committee hosted a Year 7 Games Afternoon on Thursday.  The objective of the event was to provide a social opportunity for our Year 7 students to continue to meet new students in their year group in a relaxed atmosphere.

A big thank you to Mr Kyle Bussanich and the Community Relations Committee who did such a wonderful job coordinating the event. In addition, thank you to all the PCAs and staff who came to help supervise and made this event possible.

Finally, a massive thank you to the Year 7 students, who participated in the event enthusiastically and showed genuine appreciation to the students running the event. Their response was overwhelmingly positive and I have included a few comments below.

“I really enjoyed how many of the activities were team-based so I got to know some new people, and that there was bit of a competitive aspect on some games too. It was a great way to finish up the day”.

“The games afternoon was awesome. I loved the games and the helpers were fabulous”.

I liked that there were a lot of different games and that some involved running and some were outside. I also liked the three-legged race, that was a lot of fun and that after the sausage sizzle we could get seconds and we went outside to burn off the energy”.

The games were really fun and the people hosting the event were really nice too. I liked how everyone was participating and having fun. The food was really good and I would do it again for sure!”

Mrs George O’Brien & Mr Kyle Bussanich

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