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Year 7 ITE Flowchart Fun

November 25, 2021

For most of this term, our Year 7 Information Technology classes have been introduced to the basics of Computer Programming. We have looked at computational thinking, algorithms, flowcharts and pseudocode. 

This week, we put our theory into action by writing our own flowcharts for making a sandwich. In pairs, one student read the flowchart to the partner so they could follow the instructions like a computer/robot in the making of the sandwiches. We had some interesting creations, with some students ending up with only butter on their bread, whilst others had all three ingredients of butter, vegemite and jam! However, the main purpose was that they were able to review and refresh their flowcharts to have the computer perform more accurate procedures in preparation for their assessment in the following lesson. A tasty way to practise thinking like a computer!

Mrs Nicole Huggins
Year 7 ITE Teacher

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