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Year 7 Pastoral Care Retreat

February 9, 2024

The Year 7 Pastoral Care Retreat was held last Friday on campus. The event welcomed the newest cohort to the College, offering them a comprehensive introduction to Chisholm’s vibrant culture.

Head of Year 7, Mr Williamson, was supported by his dedicated Pastoral Care Advisors and various other College staff as the students immersed themselves in the day of orientation, formation and fun activities. The Retreat featured contributions from Campus Ministry Team including Mr Panizza, Mrs Bell and Fr Zyggy, who assisted me throughout the day as we explored aspects of College life, Eucharistic celebrations, ministry, values and service. In the afternoon, Heads of House and Prefects infused the day with House Spirit, which culminated in Keenan House victorious in the extremely loud House Chant Competition.

Ultimately our Year 7 Theme of ‘Commitment to Christ’ was explored in various ways and our students were invited into living this at Chisholm through their choices, participation and relationships. Thanks to everyone involved.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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