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Year 7 ROC

August 11, 2022

This week the Year 7s participated in the second session of ROC Into High School with Claire Eaton.

ROC is a prevention-focused approach to adolescent Resilience, Optimism and Confidence and this session aimed to revisit and reinforce students’ prior learning with practical ways to deal with day-to-day challenges and make the most of opportunities.

Claire gave the students some life hacks to help shift their mindset and the way they think about any given situation. She helped students look out for patterns in their way of thinking and to pay attention to those thoughts and whether they were bringing you up or squashing you down.

Feedback from the students included:

“Something that I learnt was to never put yourself down but to be above the line and if you are below the line, to put yourself back on top.”

“Keep on trying and have positive energy and a good mindset.”

“The second session of ROC was really fun. It reminded me that only I could be the one to control my thoughts and actions. My friends and family can help or support me but I must make the decision. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it.”

“I wanted to say how helpful I found the ROC sessions. It really helped me boost my confidence and I am excited to use these tools I learnt in my everyday life.” 

Mr Nic Italiano
Head of Year 7

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