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Year 8 House Representative Induction

February 22, 2024

On Wednesday, the Year 8 House Representatives were presented to the Year 8 cohort. I would like to congratulate the following Year 8s on their leadership role at the College for Semester One:

During the Induction Ceremony, I challenged all students in the Year Group to be ‘servant leaders’. If you think of an inspirational leader, I’m sure you will be thinking of someone who is willing to put others before themselves. If we look to the role models of Jesus and Caroline Chisholm, the students will see two fine examples of servant leaders: people who always listened to, cared for and helped those around them. I asked all Year 8s to be the leader they wish they had in their lives.

“Leadership is not a position awarded to an individual, it is the individuals desire to lay the foundation for others to follow”.

“Become that next leader who uplifts others”.

Miss Taryn Mohen
Head of Year 8

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