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Year 8 Student Earns a Karate Black Belt

July 28, 2022

Congratulations to Year 8 student Meghan Dayan, who recently won a Black Belt in Karate.

Meghan attends a pre-professional Karate programme at Yoseikan Ryu Karate School. She devotes herself not only to her studies but also to this elite Karate training up to four days per week. Meghan started Karate when she was only eight years old.

The Black Belt Grading was held on 12 June 2022 with seven would-be Black Belt students showing up to give their best. When the grading finished at 2pm, there were only four students left who survived the Black Belt Grading, including Meghan. Branco Bratich (OAM) 9th Dan Kyoshi, who is the chief instructor for Yoseikan Ryu Karate Australia, congratulated the Black Belt winners and reminded students and parents that although there was no grading fee, there was a price. Courage, dedication, and resilience are the order of the day. He further stated that earning a Black Belt is an initiation to Yoseikan’s elite group.

The Black Belt Gradings are an intense four-hour session in which all students are pushed to their limits. Students get tested in a broad spectrum of skills ranging from technique, self-defense, and forms to sparring.

Earning a Black Belt is an incredibly meaningful and profound experience for Meghan and an achievement worth being proud of. It signifies the amount of time, hard work, and practice that Meghan has invested into her training.

Meghan can be seen in the photo with Branco Bratich and Adrian Koelewyn after receiving her Karate Black Belt.

Photo and Article: Supplied

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