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Year 8 Students Exploring Chinese Culture

June 20, 2024

Year 8 Chinese class students from 10 schools recently enjoyed a cultural excursion to Northbridge, organized by Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of WA. The students began the day by singing Chinese songs on the bus, setting a festive mood.

First on the agenda was a delectable dim sum feast at Moon Flower Modern Restaurant, where students indulged in traditional flavours while bonding over shared cultural delights. Energised and eager, they participated in engaging activities like the lively Chinese whisper game and an insightful China fact quiz, sparking laughter and friendly competition among peers. Prizes rewarded their enthusiasm and knowledge, adding to the excitement of the day.

At the Chung Wah Association, students explored the history of Chinese Australians and learned the lion dance. They also visited a Chinese grocery store, sampled bubble tea, and concluded their day at the State Library. Here, students had the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and further explore Chinese literature and history resources.

The day in Northbridge proved to be not only educational but also enjoyable, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation among young learners.

Ms Bee Tee
Mandarin Teacher

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