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Year 8 ‘Touring for Stewardship’

December 8, 2022

From Friday 2 December to Wednesday 7 December, Year 8 students participated in ‘Touring for Stewardship’ as part of their Project-Based Learning Programme to conclude a dynamic academic year. Students worked in groups of three to design and plan a day trip in Australia, choosing one capital city encompassing activities, places to eat and travel.

After viewing Australia’s 2022 Tourism Campaign video, students researched and presented their tour plan on a ‘Canva Blog Template’, incorporating videos and a fun-filled itinerary.

Groups also had the opportunity to present their tour ideas to the class, persuading us to travel to their chosen destination! It was fantastic to see collaboration, cohesion and communication in each House Group as they wrestled with a tight timeline to complete this activity.

A special thank you to the following staff members: Mrs Kastropil, Mr Ryan, Mrs D’Esposito and Mrs Parlongo for their enthusiastic delivery over four sessions. I also thank Mr Glover and Mrs Huggins for their support.

Miss Andrea Ranalli
Religious Education Teacher

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