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Year 8 ‘Vision for the Future’

December 8, 2022

As part of the of the Year 8 End of Year Programme, students took part in the career development-based workshop ‘Careers: Vision for the Future’. Students were introduced to:

  • key career concepts
  • the “road ahead” at school and how it links to their future career path
  • the essential elements that determine an individual’s success.
  • The Chisholm Career Services Team – Mr O’Mara and Mrs Firns.   

In addition, students commenced building their first Career Plan using their Career Tools account.

It was very pleasing to see the way in which students engaged on the process – well done Year 8s!

Career development and individual pathway planning is very much a process enhanced where there is positive and informed engagement from parents, students, teachers and career counsellors, therefore I encourage Year 8 parents to ask their son/daughter to show them their Career Tools account and the steps they have taken to start a Career Plan. 

Mr Mark O’Mara
Careers & VET Coordinator  

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