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Year 9 English Guest Speaker

November 25, 2021

Meeting the director of Black Swan Theatre’s Animal Farm production, Emily McLean, on Thursday 18 November was a fascinating and rewarding opportunity for the Year 9 Academic Extension class. The way Mrs McLean talked about her work was imbued with palpable passion, dedication and attention to detail. She answered every question put forth to her with deftness and confidence, explaining the complexities of a career in the arts in an easy, down-to-earth way. It was so interesting and inspiring to meet someone who has forged a path in the Western Australian theatre industry – something which can seem almost impossible at times to those growing up in Perth – and it was invigorating to see into the creative process of a person of her skill and experience. I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet her.

Josie McCallister, Year 9

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