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Year 9 HASS Election Time & Democracy Sausage

August 11, 2022

Recently the Year 9s formed political parties as part of their Civics and Citizenship assessment. This involved deciding on a logo, slogan, policies and an original name for their party. They investigated the influence of social media on federal election campaigns and ran an election campaign to convince the rest of the Year 9s to vote for their candidate.

On the last day of Term 2 the Year 9 cohort watched the winning election campaign videos from each class and then voted on their preferred candidate using the Preferential Voting System they had learnt in class. Before students voted, HASS staff presented students with examples of corruption and anti-democratic election processes around the world. This along with having AEC representatives at our election had a very positive impact as there were no informal votes in either election. Every student made their vote count! The winning party from the first election was The Australian People’s Party led by candidate Zac Jacobsen while the winning party from the second election was People’s Equalitarian Party led by candidate Caleb High. At the conclusion of both elections students were rewarded with a sausage sizzle where they enjoyed a free democracy sausage.

Well done Year 9s!

Mrs Angela Shannon
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences

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