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Year 9 House Representatives

February 18, 2022

Congratulations to the students who were inducted as Year 9 House Representatives on Wednesday this week.

Amy Allen 9K1         

Gabe Durack 9O1

Aurelia Leach 9K2

Emily Smith 9O2

Abigail Julien 9K3

Tahlia Piantadosi 9O3

Ben Nguyen 9L1

Blake Morin 9P1

Kalem Rebero 9L2

Maia Securo 9P2

Vaughan White 9L3

Luca Muccilli 9P3

On behalf of their PCAs and Year 9 peers, we thank them for accepting the role of House Representative. We know they will be a big help to their PCAs and committees throughout Semester One.

It was certainly a different feel this year with the absence of the normal 300+ strong crowd of parents, special guests and students. Instead, it was an intimate crowd of 12 House Representatives, their 24 introducers and friends, Mr Swindells – Deputy Principal of Year 9, and myself. We look forward to a wonderful semester ahead working with these student leaders to see what we can achieve together.

Mr Dion Rendall
Acting Head of Year 9

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