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Year 9 Into Adulthood Camps

November 11, 2021

Weeks 3 and 4 saw all the Year 9 students transported by bus to a location near the Manjedal Campgrounds where they were met by AdventureWorks staff and moved into their PCG gender split groups. Their camp experience commenced with a hike to their campsite where they set up their tents for the two nights. 

The camp was run by the AdventureWorks WA team and aimed to provide students with an Outdoor Education experience. It took us away from the classroom structure and school routines and put students in an unfamiliar environment. Not only did this prepare the students for further camping opportunities, but it equipped them with opportunities for self-discovery, reflection and self-awareness, which allowed them to continue to develop the ‘adult-like’ behaviours they have been learning about throughout the year. Activities included hiking, high ropes, tunnelling, rock climbing, flying fox and many other team challenges.

All students enjoyed the opportunity to get to know students in their PCG on a deeper level, connecting around the campfire at night and honouring each other for their own inner genius.

Sincere thanks are extended to Camp Coordinator, Sule Alagic, and the 28 attending Chisholm staff without whom the camps would not have been possible. The Year 9s are to be commended on the way in which they “lived the challenge” and upheld the College Values in their interactions not only with one another but with all camp staff and facilitators. There has been a lot to celebrate!

We look forward to welcoming all parents to the College on Monday evening at 6.30pm for the concluding ceremony with staff and students.

Mrs Belinda Pietropaolo
Head of Year 9

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