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Year 9 Into Adulthood Homecoming Ceremony

November 17, 2022

Under pristine skies and a spectacular sunset on Monday night, PCAs and camp staff, parents, guardians and our Year 9 students came together to reconnect at the Into Adulthood Homecoming Ceremony.

At this final event of the Year 9 programme, students, parents and staff were invited to share stories from camp and discuss what things in their lives are required to allow our young people to step into adulthood.

Scottie Wood from AdventureWorks WA spoke to the parents about the origins of the programme, explored the concept of a “rite of passage” and how it relates to helping their child become an adult. Both students and parents had opportunities to explore their own ideas about adulthood. Parents were asked to acknowledge their child’s “Gold or Genius”, and to also decide what they needed to let go of in order to help their child take further steps into adulthood. The final activity of the night was the presentation of senior ties to each child by their parents or guardians. This symbolised a rite of passage for each child of taking the next step into adulthood and the transition into their senior years of high school.

Thank you to all the families and staff who attended on the night to bring to an end another successful year of our Into Adulthood programme.

“I enjoyed getting together with my PCG to share camp stories and simply get to know one another better. I really enjoyed speaking with my parents and exchanging cards with them, which strengthened our relationship.” – Emma Huynh, Year 9.

Mr Dion Rendall
Head of Year 9

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