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Year 9 “Into Adulthood” Homecoming Evening

November 23, 2023

On Monday evening, the “Into Adulthood” Homecoming Ceremony brought together PCAs, camp staff, parents, guardians and our Year 9 students for an opportunity to connect with each other and celebrate their journey. This culminating event of the Year 9 programme provided a platform for students, parents and staff to share camp stories and explore the essential elements in their lives needed for transition into adulthood.

Scottie Wood, from AdventureWorks WA, addressed parents, delving into the programme’s origins, the concept of a ‘rite of passage’ and its relevance to guiding their children toward adulthood. Both students and parents had the opportunity to contemplate their perspectives on adulthood. Parents were encouraged to recognise their child’s Gold or Genius and to identify aspects they needed to release to support their child’s progression into adulthood.

The evening’s final highlight was the presentation of senior ties to each child by their parents or guardians. This symbolic gesture marked a rite of passage for each child, signifying their advancement into the next stage of adulthood and the commencement of their senior years at the College. We extend our gratitude to all the families and staff who participated, bringing another successful year of the “Into Adulthood” programme to a close.

“It was a truly memorable experience for me filled with warmth, laughter and a genuine sense of connection. It enabled me to gather my feelings towards what my future may look like. We were able to open up to our parents about our emotions. It made me cherish the relationships with my family and my PCG as I step into adulthood.”  – Erin D’Silva (9P2)

Mr Dion Rendall
Head of Year 9

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