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Year 9 ‘Into Adulthood’ Second Workshops

September 3, 2021

This week saw the second round of ‘Into Adulthood’ workshops for the Year 9 cohort. Students had the opportunity to review their group values, set goals for the upcoming camp and participate in head, heart and body challenges. Special thanks to the team from AdventureWorks for providing a fun and engaging day that helped students build self-awareness, leadership and relationship skills. Thanks are also extended to the 30 staff members who actively contributed to making both days a huge success.

“I enjoyed the ‘Into Adulthood’ programme as I was able to strengthen my relationships with my friends and make new ones with other people in my PCG. I learnt things about my peers that I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have this opportunity”. Amelie Luna

“Yesterday was a very interactive and enjoyable experience. Our PCG got involved and bonded as a whole. I look forward to more activities”. Adam Lambert

“I thought the programme was great for our development and it helped us realise what traits and skills we had and would need for the ‘real world’”. Mulunga Nonde

“I think that the ‘Into Adulthood’ is a great programme run by great people who can get you ready for the challenges you may face ahead as you step into adulthood”. Luke Dropulich

“It was fantastic to again have the privilege to be able to spend the day working with an amazing bunch of girls on the process that is stepping into adulthood. We had some excellent, positive conversations and made some very adult resolutions about the process of changing behaviours from child-like to adult-like and I am excited to see how the girls make this work in the lead up to and on camp next term”. Mrs Alice Scriven

Ms Anna Greene
Acting Head of Year 9

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