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Year 9 Into Adulthood Workshops

June 16, 2022

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the College welcomed the facilitators from AdventureWorks WA to deliver the first of two “Into Adulthood” workshops of 2022 designed for Year 9 students. These workshops support the development of quality relationships, self-awareness, engagement, increased personal responsibility and personal resilience of our Year 9s as they are invited into adulthood.

AdventureWorks WA facilitators joined our Year 9 PCAs to run a variety of activities with the students including games and group discussions, all designed to help build and strengthen our connections.

Students were also introduced to the concept of a “Rite of Passage Into Adulthood”. We explored how different cultures use these to transition their young people from being a child into being accepted and recognised as an adult. We embrace this concept at Chisholm and are thrilled to be with our Year 9 students on their journey “Into Adulthood”.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the Year 9 students for their impressive participation in our initial workshop sessions. Thanks also to Year 9 PCAs for their involvement, Mr Alagic for his catering organisation and Mr Swindells for his support in helping me organise and facilitate the days.

Mr Dion Rendall                                                                                      Acting Head of Year 9

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