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Year 9 “Into Adulthood” Workshops

June 23, 2021

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Year 9 students embarked on their journey ‘Into Adulthood’ as they participated in the first of two day-long workshops, facilitated by Adventure Works WA. The workshops are engaging and fun events designed to build student self-awareness, self-management, leadership and relationship skills. Throughout the year, Adventure Works WA, together with the staff at Chisholm, will create a series of special and memorable days that provide space for students to learn, change and grow into their potential.

“It was an extremely enjoyable experience which provided opportunities for leadership, personal growth and reflection for all students. It was especially wonderful to observe some of the breakthroughs that the students made individually and together as a group. The camp experience later in the year will provide a fantastic opportunity to further build on the new understandings and connection that the students have made with each other.” – Mr Buchanan 9P1 PCA

“I found this was a good time to become closer with the girls in my PCG. We chose values that we would live by as a group from now on. Ours included trust, openness and acceptance. I personally really enjoyed the ‘Into Adulthood’ workshop. I became a lot closer with my PCG and learnt a lot about the transition into adulthood. I want to thank the Adventure Works staff for making it a great experience for everyone.” – Josie Allen 9K1

“Yesterday in our ‘Into Adulthood’ session, I enjoyed the team building activities and being able to unwind and open up without judgement. I particularly liked the opportunity to get closer to the others in our PCG and the marble game.” – Levi D’Costa 9K2

The “Into Adulthood Program” was a very enjoyable experience that allowed us to grow together as a PCG. The session was a great learning experience for us all, and the program was a key step in the development of ourselves.” – Lola Vecchio, Declan McCulloch, and Sophia Lomma 9L1
Miss Anna Greene
Acting Head of Year 9

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