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Year 9 “Into Adulthood”

August 31, 2023

From Wednesday to Friday this week, our Year 9 students took part in the final instalment of the “Into Adulthood” workshops. During the workshop, AdventureWorks WA facilitators ran through Body, Heart and Head challenges with students to help them explore their own genius and the challenges they face as individuals.

There were a variety of activities including human pyramids, blind Jenga, Tangrams and basketball shooting challenges, to see how they would work in the team environment. Each group took time to agree on values that were important to them and used these to help guide the way the group operated for the day. This concept of a group set of operating values will be used again next term, but in the camp environment. There is a definite buzz in the air about the whole camp experience.

We were able to have fun in teams and build leadership qualities while learning about the importance of character values with a group reflection and connecting it to camp. It was challenging to see and pick values in ourselves but it was easy to see them in others when we worked together.”Amy Nguyen (House Representative 9O1)

Mr Dion Rendall
Head of Year 9

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