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Year 9 Italian Food Incursion

June 27, 2024

Last Friday, the Year 9 Italian classes participated in a food incursion where they madeā€Æpasta allā€™amatriciana. This was an opportunity for the students to take a break from the classroom and experience another side of the Italian culture.Ā 

Pasta allā€™amatriciana is a traditional dish made with spaghetti, pancetta, tomato and pecorino cheese. Pasta allā€™amatriciana is a classic Italian dish originating from the Lazio region. We not only learned about the ingredients and techniques but also savoured the rich flavours of Italy. Thank you so much to Signora Millimaci for organising, helping and guiding us during the incursion.Ā Ā 

Georgia Western & Vaishali Viknesh

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