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Year 9 Pastoral Care Retreat

March 3, 2022

Our Year 9 annual Pastoral Care Retreat was held on Friday 25 February. Our guest facilitators, the 24:7 Youth Ministry team, worked with our Pastoral Care Advisors to help our students experience a really worthwhile programme centred on their Year Group Theme, ‘Challenge for Christ’. The COVID restrictions sure do present their own challenge for us all, however it was a great opportunity to remind us of the challenge of the Gospel and at the same time, remind ourselves of the Good News that comes with our faith. The 24:7 facilitators were extremely complimentary of our students’ engagement and participation and the day had a great sense of purpose and joy.

Thanks again to all our Year 9 PCAs and Mr Rendall (Acting Head of Year 9) for their contribution on the day.

Mr John Swindells
Deputy Principal – Mission

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