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Year 9 Vaccination Projects

October 29, 2021

During Term 3 and early Term 4 the entire Year 9 cohort have been taking part in a group-based project on vaccinations. This style of project is designed to have the students actively working in an attempt to solve the problem regarding all the misinformation surrounding vaccinations. This project is enjoyable and educational especially because it is relevant to what is happening in the world relating to COVID-19.

Miss Kalache’s Year 9 class in particular were fortunate enough to have Simon Millman, member for the Mount Lawley Labour Party visit in class to discuss his views on vaccinations. Mia Davies, Leader of the Opposition, also made a special appearance in a short video created by one group where she shared her opinions and knowledge regarding vaccinations. Both were very engaging and informative.

Miss Lilia Kalache
Science Department

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