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Harmony Day At Chisholm

March 18, 2022

There is little doubt that Australia is one of the most culturally diverse nations and with over 27 cultural backgrounds represented at Chisholm alone, today was certainly a day to celebrate!

Today, Friday 18 March, we embraced this diversity amongst our staff and students. A day, aiming to foster inclusivity, respect, and the idea that people of all different cultures can make a valuable contribution to society. We all have something interesting and authentic that we bring to the table. And our school is stronger, richer, and more exciting because of this.

The day began with a special Pastoral Care Period, including our Year 12 Prefect, Eloise Lambert reading the Acknowledgement of Country to show our respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land on which the school is built. This was accompanied by students who read a prayer in different languages (Noongar, Mandarin, Indonesian, French and Italian). There was a very humorous Harmony Day video created by the Community Relations Assistant Prefect, Ruben Dewitt. Our Principal shared a prayer for Ukraine and our Head Boy and Head Girl delivered an address to the school via this PowerPoint as well.  

What makes us so successful as a community is how we embrace the diverse cultures and customs of people from around the world who call Australia home. Our diverse and harmonious multicultural school is an asset that we should both celebrate and protect.

Mrs Belinda Pietropaolo
Acting Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

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