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Year 10 ‘Into Adulthood’ Reconnection Day

June 23, 2021


As a follow up to the Year 9 ‘Into Adulthood’ Programme last year, all Year 10 students participated in an ‘Into Adulthood’ Reconnection Day at the Mandejal Activity Centre. The day allowed students to reflect on the past six months since their camp experience, and also allowed them to start to explore some important decisions that lay ahead of them as senior school students. The day was also a wonderful opportunity to leave the rigors of campus life behind for a day, especially after exams, and use the opportunity to recharge.

A very big thank you must go to the wonderful PCAs, staff and students that attended the day and fully invested in the reconnection experience. Together, staff and students alike, we all look forward to what the next six months may hold both in our own personal life journeys and the opportunity to reconnect again.

Mr Anthony Palmer
Head of Year 10

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