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Year 8 Social

November 18, 2021

Friday 12 November saw 205 students descend to the gym which had been converted to a Black and White themed wonderland by our Arts committee. It was a night of dancing, eating and memory making and was a huge success. Thank you to the Year 8 PCAs and Mr Laurito for their attendance on the evening. I look forward to many more socials with this Year Group to come.

Mrs Zoe Clements
Head of Year 8

“The Year 8 Social was a great event, and the Year 8s had an amazing time. Our theme which we voted on was Black and White, which was a simple but affective look on everyone. The gym looked great with all the decorations, the food was delicious, our DJ played a huge range of great songs and the photobooth was a fun little thing which we can keep the photos for years to come. The night was awesome, and we all had a lot of fun and even the teachers joined in for same dancing and photos. We are looking forward to the years to come and what our next socials will bring us”. – Alyssa Brown and Alyssa Giacci

“The Year 8 Black & White Social was a night to be remembered. It was full of iconic songs like ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ (Rick Astley), the ‘YMCA’ (The Village People), and ‘Baby’ (Justin Bieber). This led to everyone joining each other on the dance floor, singing their hearts out. It was the perfect night to let loose from the stresses of school and home and just have fun”. Amy Allen

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